Tesla Shuttle offers city-to-city transport between Wrocław (Poland) and other cities in the region — Berlin, Łódź, Warsaw, Poznań, Kraków, Katowice, Prague, and Vienna, for example. We use professional, courteous drivers happy to make your trip smooth and luxurious.

And it's cheaper than you'd think! See prices for common routes right now.

Contact us if you have a special destination request.

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Our Services   

City-to-City Chauffeur Service

Get picked up at your hotel and enjoy direct city-to-city transport in a Tesla. Our large, luxurious Tesla cars offer ample legroom, good music (that you get to choose!), a comfy seat, and no pollution.

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Airport Pick-up & Drop-off

Offer your guests the best airport pickup and drop-off services. They will appreciate your 21st century approach, their own choice of music, WiFi, and our special care & attention. (Only available in Wrocław for now.)

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Book Tesla test drives or shuttle services for your event. We can also provide presentations on how electric vehicles work, charging infrastructure in your city, and why the future is electric.

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Tesla Shuttle Means...


Tesla Shuttle = Comfort

Comfier than a plane or driving yourself. Plenty of legroom. The armrests are all yours. Luxe seats. Your choice of music. WiFi. And it's a freakin' Tesla.

Plus, a Tesla Shuttle is cheaper than flying or driving yourself!


Tesla Shuttle = Convenience

Get picked up by a professional chauffeur for direct city-to-city transport with a Tesla. It's much easier than going to the airport, going through security, waiting for the plane, boarding the plane, deboarding the plane, etc.

Likewise, instead of sitting behind the wheel for hours and driving yourself, you can watch a movie, work, sleep, or play while someone else drives you.


Tesla Shuttle = Clean

Riding in a fully electric Tesla is one of the most peaceful ways to travel from city to city, and it's also one of the cleanest.

You can ride in luxurious comfort while avoiding carbon emissions and not polluting the air. Your kids and grandkids will appreciate the thoughtful decision.

Tesla Shuttle Benefits

◊ Door-to-door transport.

◊ Supreme comfort in quiet, smooth, premium Tesla vehicles.

◊ Professional, multi-lingual chauffeurs.

◊ Zero emissions.

◊ Saves you time and money compared to flying or driving yourself.
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