How far can a Tesla Model S drive?
The range varies according to the trim, but our main trim is the Model S 85D, which has 426 km (265 miles) of range on a full charge. (Note that this is a rated range, but the range can increase substantially or decrease depending on how quickly the driver drives, weather, topography, and a few other factors. That said, 426 km is considered to be a real-world range based on “normal” factors.)

Does the car come with a driver?
Yes, the car includes a driver. (And, no, we don’t have fully self-driving cars … yet.)

Do you offer discounts for groups/families?
Yes, if you book two seats (in one direction or round trip), you get a discount. If you book three or more seats, you get a further discount. Check with info@tesla-shuttle.eu for details.

Do you offer discounts for round-trip bookings?
Yes. Check specific routes for details.

How many people can fit in a Tesla?
Tesla Model S and Model 3 cars seat 3 passengers comfortably. If you have a family or group of 4 and want to use the middle seat in the back, that is also an option.

Tesla Model X vehicles vary. Some have 5 seats, some 6 seats, and some 7 seats.

Do you offer car seats for kids and/or babies?
Yes. Please contact info@tesla-shuttle.eu to confirm availability of the size(s) you need.

How much space is there for passenger luggage?
Tesla’s cars have a huge amount of cargo space (a large trunk and a frunk —  front trunk). However, if you have particularly odd-shaped items or more luggage than is allowed for free on a regional Ryanair flight, please check about this ahead of time by contacting info@tesla-shuttle.eu.

Who gets to choose the music?
If you are the only passenger in a shuttle, you can choose the music. However, the driver has the right to veto if he finds the music distracting to his driving. If there are multiple passengers, we expect you all to play nice and come to a consensus. :D (Note that the Tesla includes Spotify, which seems to have any song you can think of.)

Are Tesla Shuttles available for use at all-day, multi-day events?
Yes. Please contact info@tesla-shuttle.eu to confirm availability and any extra requests.

How fast does the Tesla charge?
Generally speaking, our Teslas will not need to be charged at all while a passenger is on a trip, but if it is a very long-distance route, a 15–20 minute stop at a Tesla Supercharger (where you can get a coffee/drink, get some snacks, and use the bathroom) is possible.

Does the passenger have to pay for charging if it’s needed?

Can the car drive on gasoline?
No, Tesla’s cars drive 100% on electricity.

How do you reserve a seat in a Tesla Shuttle?
Go to the tesla-shuttle.eu homepage and following the steps for the booking process. If you have trouble or questions, email info@tesla-shuttle.eu.

How do you pay for a seat in a Tesla Shuttle?
At the end of the booking process, you have options to pay by credit card or wire transfer.