Tesla Shuttle was founded by 4 crazy guys who wanted cleaner, more convenient, and cooler transport options between Berlin and Wroclaw. A Tesla shuttle was the obvious answer. After looking into the details, they discovered that numerous routes in the Central European region could be better served by a Tesla chauffeur service than airplanes, trains, or solo driving in a gasoline or diesel car. Check out the options along your favorite routes!

Taking a Tesla is comfier & more convenient than flying. Who likes going to the airport, going through security, waiting for the plane, boarding the plane, deboarding the plane, etc.? Come on, you have better things to do! Take a Tesla Shuttle instead.

Get picked up at your hotel and enjoy direct city-to-city transport in a Tesla with ample legroom, good music, a comfy seat, and no pollution.


The car is super comfy. Being able to choose the music via Spotify is a great benefit. Having so much legroom in the back seat (because there’s no hump in the middle) makes a long-distance trip with kids much, much easier. The door-to-door convenience is easy to get used to as well. 5 stars. And be sure to ask for the rainbow road!


I used Tesla Shuttle from Berlin to Wroclaw. It was a great experience - the trip was in a comfortable and high-technology car. It is by far the best travel option on this route.


The Tesla Shuttle is more than a shuttle. It's a fun experience while traveling at the same time. The Tesla is insanely fast, the drivers are fun and flexible, and they drive you to the door!